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Show Leniency to Natural Disaster Victims

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Natural Disaster Victims are caught in uncontrollable situations. I'm not asking for debt forgiveness, but leniency. Being in Joplin during the EF5 tornado, I lost a lot, but almost lost a wife and 1 yr old son. While there was damage and mental scarring, we were happy we were still alive. Unfortunately our 2 week old car was picked up and moved to the next parking lot.


We had insurance and gap insurance, but the insurance company tried to claim we weren't covered. Gap Insurance won't pay until your car insurance makes their payment. After threatening a lawsuit, an internal investigation was started. They had supposedly found some one filed the plan incorrectly. They then agreed to pay, but this was 3 and a half months later. The debt was paid immediately after the investigation.  


After trying to acquire a loan for a house later that year, I found no one would lend me money due to "recent unexplained delinquency". I then found on my credit that Tinker had damaged me for 90-days late. While it took 3 months to pay off my $22,000 debt (due to issues with insurance company refusing to pay), they did receive their money in full and was updated weekly on the status of the insurance claim. They also agreed that they would work with me. They still slammed my credit for 3 months late. Being young with minimal credit, my credit life has been ruined. I can't get a loan to purchase a house to make a home for my family. No one should experience this.


I've taken every route I can to to get this removed from my credit short of going to court which will resolve nothing. I need the voice of the people to tell Lenders such as TFCU to show some humanity, and to show that they do care about the people who come to them in need. I'm not asking much. Its the click of a mouse and its really just that simple.

The picture you see is in this petition is the photo of my 1 yr old miracle who survived the EF5 Joplin Tornado on May 22 2011.

Please sign this petition so that TFCU will delete their damaging claim from my credit so that I may acquire a loan for a home.

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