Isaac's Fight for Lower prices on diastat rescue seizure medication

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My son suffers from Epilspsy like so many others.  He has had to use the rescue medication known as diastat and as many ppl who suffer from epilepsy can relate this life saving medication is very expensive. It cost over $400 to get with a prescription and with this prescription u get two diastat  rescue medications which are only good for two seizures so once u have a seizure n use one u throw it in the trash so imagen how much ppl are paying to get a life saving medication per week,month or year lets fight n get these prices reduced. We don't need to lose people we love because they couldn't afraid this life saving medication. Some people can not afford it so they may lose their life because they have a seizure n need this rescue medication but due to cost just have to go without n chance it let's make a difference. We also have to pay for them to have this rescue medication at school so right there is $800 for one at home n school. Please let's do this. 

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