Strengthen Gun Control Laws in Minnesota

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Hello, my name AJ East, and I am a student at Minneapolis South High School. I am working on a project for my Humanities classes with my partners Salaam Day and Steven Ramirez.

For this project, we have been asked to identify an issue or problem in our communities, brainstorm ways to fix the issue, and then take action. 

We have identified gun violence as a major social problem that needs to be addressed. We found that there have been 247,863 gun related incidents, with 62,179 deaths since 2014. We are trying to encourage our state and national legislators to adopt new gun laws that:

1 - ban on all semi automatic assault rifles

2 - purchase age needs to be raised to 25 and can't have be a former felon to be eligible to purchase a firearm

3 - gun permitting needs to require training similar to that in Japan

We have written this petition to raise awareness and gain support on changing the gun control laws in Minnesota.