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My brother George Hill is 45 years old and has been incarcerated since the age of 19. Sentenced to 20 years to life for the crimes of Attempted Murder,Aggravated Assault upon a Police Officer,Weapons Possession in the Second Degree and Third degrees.George has been incarcerated over twenty-six years and has been denied parole five times for the nature of the crime and his youthful offender arrest.

Since 2011 there have been laws that mandate the parole commissioners look at the individual in a "future focus" (who they are today) perspective. However,in George's situation the parole commissioners continue to rely on the instant offense and criminal history which is "past rhetoric" because it is static/never changing.

It doesn't tell them who George is today. We are George's family and friends and we Know the good man he is today and you can view our stories on the 'family and friends' tags.

Since being incarcerated , George has earned a completion in the vocation of General Business,Certification as a New York State Counselor Aid in Social Living Skills,Associate and Bachelor Degrees(Majoring in Behavioral Science) from Mercy College and a Master Degree in Professional Studies from the New York Theological Seminary. George has many other accomplishments you can view by clicking on the 'Accomplishments' tag. In addition to these achievements,George has been commended by Correctional Officers for his behavior and commitment to volunteer services in the prison environment.

We love George and all of us are committed to helping him transition as seamlessly as possibly. The problem is the parole board and legal fees that have made George's life and our lives difficult. This is not to say that we are minimizing the crime committed over twenty-six years ago by George but when will these parole commissioners at least attempt to see George for who he is today? We need your support by signing this petition and making a donation for legal fees in support  of releasing George. Please help us help George be reunited with his family and friends by clicking on the 'Petition' and 'Donation' tags. Whatever you donate will be appreciated and used to support George's legal fees and upon his release those remaining funds will be used to support Parole Reform in New York State which badly needed.

If you know George,you can express your thoughts in the Family and Friends area as well. You can also write letters of support for George's release and support Legislation for Parole Reform by clicking on the 'Sample Letters of Support' tag  and 'Parole Reform' link. Please view the pictures of George's graduations in Sing Sing Correctional Facility along with family and friends who supports George and visits him as well on the 'Picture' tag along with other video footage of George inside the facility.




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