Child abuse needs stronger penalties and laws need to be enforced. Ezra deserves justice

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This is Ezra’s Story that started when he was 2 1/2

On November 19, 2017 the nightmare began.  Ezra was taken to ER with what my daughters now ex boyfriend said was from a fall.  He was airlifted to Portland and there is where we were told they had to perform immediate brain surgery or he will die. Surgery was performed and even then we were told he’d most likely not make it through the night.  Then fourteen hours after this nightmare began I was pulled out of his room where I was sitting, crying and praying, begging to God to please save my grandsons life, we were told it wasn’t an accident.  I would have never fathomed that another human being would do such an horrific act to an innocent child.  Not my grandson. This doesn’t happen to people like me...Right??? I chose to put the hate behind me and channel all my energy into Ezra’s recovery.  I knew the enemy that did this to Ezra would pay for this and I would fight for that but not that day.  That day Ezra needed all the love and support just to make it through the night.  Ezra did survive that night only face more challenges.  He had what doctors referred to as Shaken Baby Syndrome.  His brain was severely injured.  Traumatic brain injury, is what they said and now that he survived the three nights that the doctors told us he wouldn’t, they wanted us to take him off life support because he would most likely live in a vegetative state the rest of his life.  His brain was so damaged that they said he’d most likely not see or hear or even open his eyes.  However, Ezra did open his eyes and he can hear.  Ezra is along way from the rambunctious little boy he once was and he has a long road ahead of him but we have faith he will continue to improve.  Nine months later we are battling the judicial system. The man that did this isn’t going to get the life sentence he gave Ezra.  In fact he is looking at 60-90 months. I was told that improvements in Ezra could lessen that sentence. The man is only 21 years old and will have the chance to attract young vulnerable women with small children to do this again.  He has to be stopped! NO CHILD should EVER endure the pain and suffering that Ezra deals with almost on a daily basis. Almost five children a day die from child abuse.  We have to stop this.  Get these people off the streets and out of the homes of children.  Let’s get them registered as child abusers and make others be aware of what they are capable of.  Let’s get stricter penalties longer sentencing.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILDS LIFE.  Please support me in fighting child abuse and getting these perpetrators in jail for longer periods of time.  Put yourself in my shoes when you read my could happen and it did.