Skam Italia revolution

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Hello everyone!

i know that these kind of things are usually very annoying and sometimes pointless, but we will do everything we can to try to improve this situation.

As some of you may know, the companies behind “skam Italia” decided to do some changes before the start of the third season. In fact now the only way possible to watch the clip is to be registered on the “TIMVISION” app/site. 

TIMVISION is a streaming platform that cost € 5,00 per month. 

We understand that there are a lot of people behinde the realization of skam, and of course  this cost a lot of money, but the decision of putting a price on this WEB SERIES is just a wrong way to try to make money out of it.

SKAM and all the remakes are born with the idea of being accessible for every person, and the majority of people that watch skam are teenagers that just want to see themself represented on tv. 

As I said at the begginig we know that this probably will not be helpfull and will not change this thing, but we want to make them understand that first of all not telling anything about these changes until hours before the first clip aired was a total lack of professionality, and that there are many wrong things with this decision.