Cal State Fullerton to Bridge the Gap of African American Enrollments

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African American Males make up currently less than 1% of the population at CSUF of 40,000 in current population.  Furthermore the African American Representation as a whole is very underrepresented om the CSUF Campus. 

Per my findings here are some of the disturbing data points:

  • Black males which is currently 310
  • Black Females is an additional 473
  • Which is a Total African America are a total of 783 in current CSUF population in the 2017-18
  • The 5 year data also reflect this vast disconnect within African Americans.
  • Other Minorities Groups are 8-10 times the number in various areas.

This information has been sited from the Office of Analytical Studies and is also attached and can also be verified at the website:

My additional observation and analysis to you all is the following:

  • With 23 campuses representing the CSU System I would be curious to know how much of a disconnect this truly is and how as a Higher Ed Institution we have failed at offering fair treatment and opportunity to all.  Why are African American Students the lowest represented students within CSUF? 
  • Many years ago I recall in the Alumni Newsletter how the Hispanics were on the rise at CSUF Campus & from the data I have just recently pulled they make up a good amount on campus.  During this rise, what was done to bridge that gap?  Have these same measures been offered to all demographics that have lacked and currently lack? If so what are they?
  • What Programs and/or initiatives are currently in place that assist the efforts of admitting, retaining and graduating African American Students?
  •  Why is this, help me understand ?
  •  What is being done? 
  •  Who is following up?
  •  Who is being held Accountable for these disparities?

I am looking to see who would like to help me expose/investigate these practices & furthermore help further understand as to why African Americans are the lowest in mostly every category sited.  I would love to understand the disconnect as to why this is.  On the other hand, I do know the history and deep roots that have existed with racism within Orange County, California.  Which are still unfortunately  present today & could possibly be right under our noise at CSUF.