Tell Kroger its employees shouldn't have to wait until their break to get a drink of water

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Access to water is considered a basic human right. Water is necessary for life itself. Doctors say that men should drink 100 ounces of water per day, and women should drink 73 ounces. Yet even though science and common sense dictates that people need frequent access to water, the Kroger corporation's King Soopers grocery stores have recently forbidden their checkers from having access to water while they're working.

Being a checker means standing in one place for up to three or more hours at a time, and constantly talking to customers with no ability to leave your station to use the restroom or visit the water fountain. To compensate for this,  checkers used to bring their own sports bottles, or even purchase bottled water from their own stores to keep hydrated while they worked 

Recently King Soopers management issued corporate guidance that their checkers would no longer be allowed to drink water while working, and if they needed a drink they would have to wait until they got a break. This is an example of corporate disregard for the welfare of its employees. Why should workers have to produce a doctor's note saying that (just as with all humans) checkers need access to water more than once every three hours?

Tell Kroger's VP of Human Resources & Labor, Timothy Massa that the health and welfare of its employees is paramount, and that access to water is a basic human right.