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S. P. started this petition to Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Archdiocese of New York and

On July 9, 2020, parents, teachers and alumni of Our Lady of Pompeii (OLP) School learned via email by the Office of the Superintendent of Schools and the Archdiocese of New York that our beloved OLP was one of 17 Catholic schools to be shuttered in September as it has “fallen victim to the financial fall-out of the coronavirus”.

We, the parents, teachers and alumni of OLP, ask that the Archdiocese reconsider and allow OLP to remain open.  We are aghast because:

  • The task of finding a new school for our children, or for our teachers, is daunting if not impossible during a pandemic.  There are no open houses or school tours.  It’s difficult to get a feel for a new school without going into the building.  We also don’t know the culture--social distancing or otherwise--of other schools.
  • The decision to close the school made at such a late date is heartless and cruel.  It makes us question the humanity of the Church.
  • We expect that during times of financial, emotional and pandemic uncertainty, our Church should be a foundation on which we can anchor.  We are endeavoring to raise our children in line with the teachings of the Church.  If the Church abandons our children in time of crisis, how are we to reconcile that with “suffer the children to come unto me.”?
  • The diocese claimed they couldn’t financially support OLP, yet the church received a $1.4 billion bail out in coronavirus aid from the federal government.
  • The OLP administration and the diocese have withheld financial information from the parent body since 2018 making us unable to help raise funds ourselves--something we have proven to do in the past, and are ready to do in the future.
  • You asked our teachers to sign a contract in May to serve OLP, and then unilaterally dissolved the contract giving them almost no time to find other work, and certainly their new work may not be in as safe an environment as OLP.

We ask you to KEEP OLP OPEN because:

  • OLP is the safest school for our children and our teachers.  Due to its steady enrollment, its enviable teacher/student ratio, the respect the teachers hold from parents and students, and the size of the school, social distancing will be easier to maintain at OLP than at any other school.
  • We ask that the Archdiocese show compassion for our families, especially the children and teachers who are at OLP on a daily basis.

We all deserve BETTER!

In solidarity,
Parents and Alumni of OLP

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!