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Timothy E. Mock

Timothy E. Mock: Peitioning to keep him in prison for the murder of Frances Ann Mock

On January 13, 1998 Frances Ann Mock 30-year-old mother of four children, sister of Barbara Ann Tackett, and daughter of Betty Jean Toole was murdered at a Beeline convenience store in Eufaula, Alabama. Her Body was found lifeless at 2:00 am by a customer. Timothy shot her 10 times. A gunshot wound to her mid back caused her to suffocate in her own blood. Timothy physically abused her and had threatened her life on Christmas Day. He proceeded with his plans on January 13, 1998. Her husband Timothy E. Mock was arrested for her murder three hours later. His parole date of July 16, 2013 is suddenly approaching. Please sign this petition to keep this vile man in prison for life.

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Timothy E. Mock
To all friends and family please help keep this man in prison.