Parma, OH Posthumously grant Jim Konya the Key to the City

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"A lot of people think of him as some crazy heavy-metal badass in satanic rock band T-shirts," says Bill Peters, a heavy-metal DJ at WJCU 88.7/FM who befriended Konya when he would call in to the radio station to make song requests. "But the Jim I know is the kind of person who would offer rides to strangers at the end of the night – a good person and very giving."


      For over three decades Jim Konya played a vital role as the heart and soul of the Cleveland metal music scene and has effected those abroad as well. Konya was ever the entertainer, be it just a funny answering machine message or throwing a pie fight during a concert, he was always there for us and there for anyone who needed him.

     Many of the younger kids remember the hulking Parma giant as the first person they talked to when going to a show, no matter the band or the venue Jim somehow was always there, always spotting a new face and a new shirt, always there to shake someone's hand an throw them the horns. He was also the first person to give, Jim gave his entire life; not just in his performance or material good, but in his kindness. Whenever someone was a straggler he was there to say hello. Whenever someone stranded he was there to find a way home; whenever someone was down he was there to make them laugh, whenever someone was having a good time he was there to make them have a better one.

   He knew many faces, he knew all of our faces; he may not have known all of our names but we each seemed to have a unique nickname from him even from just one encounter, you could go months missing shows and simply run into by chance and you could in his face he remembered you and he was there to throw you the horns ask where you bought your shirt.

   I remember once, Jim took me and a friend to lunch, he paid for it all. He wanted to do it out curiosity, just to see who I was, to see if I was what my facade says I am. I knew even before that the generosity of that man, and after that while we still talked I witnessed it over and over again. We now, the people who have had him in our life, we now have the chance to repay him.

  Konya bled, sweat, and scolded for Parma. He was the man from Parma, and Konya IS Parma. Every bit of him that could remind someone hearkening back to the old Ghoulardi era.. Par-Ma. People in Thailand, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, people who don't even know a word of english know one word after tour encounters... They know the word Parma. They get that from him.

    That is why I am making this petition, to give back, to have the city give back, he was already welcome in ours homes whenever he wished; but now it's time we symbolize that. Parma, OH. Posthumously honor a great man and a great citizen of your city, give him the key.


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