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Time's Running Out: Stop Plans to Drill in the Yellowstone Ecosystem


The Bridger Teton National Forest in Wyoming is part of an amazing system of national parks, national forests and refuges called the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Teeming with wildlife—moose, pronghorns, bears, wolves and Canada lynx—the Bridger Teton provides critical habitat and a vital crossroads for migrating animals .

But plans being made right now by would drastically and forever change this wild place, with drill pads and wells, miles of roads, waste treatment plants, and water and air pollution.

We can change the future of this place, by convincing the Forest Service to buy back leases. And, if a buy-out of leases is not possible, to demand the highest environmental standards be met before drilling can take place.

Please tale action before time runs out -- we only have until the public comment period ends on March 11 to speak out.

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  • Supervisor, Bridger-Teton National Forest
    Jacqueline A. Buchanan

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