Encourage More Sensible Yet Sensitive Arguments on News Channels

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While I am certain this is a problem in many other countries as well, for the sake of making explanation easier I will take the example of Indian Media. On channels like Times Now, people like Arnab Goswami are infamous for passing derogatory comments left and right, without paying much heed to what they're even saying. While this could certainly be done due to the heat of the moment, they must understand that what they're saying is being televised to the nation, which I believe calls for a bit more care when framing their arguments. Many children watch these shows out of curiosity with/without their parents, and the kind of slandering in these shows could certainly taint their impressionable minds, turning them into bull-headed, narrow minded bullies.

This does not mean these shows be be cancelled or defamed, but rather should be made aware of this matter so that this can be seen in their future segments.