#TimeForOxygenMasks? Leave our 4000 green citizens alone-explore alternatives

#TimeForOxygenMasks? Leave our 4000 green citizens alone-explore alternatives

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Started by Heritage Beku

Just a 4% tree cover left in our city, and now a possible further erosion? It’s shocking to read that nearly 4000 trees are on the butchers block in Bangalore.
A PIL on the green cover had been filed and the High Courts have been firm that no decision on tree cutting  can be taken until the committee and census is done  The courts have been clear,  so why is this unseemly hurry with inspections without adequate notice to the public? In addition, a Horticulture & Forests  Dept report says 16685  trees are on the block for the PRR. Rapid discussions on sweeping away trees and shortsightedness on destruction doesn’t seem to stop. Where will our citizens, their lungs and tomorrow’s children go? 

For a city that has seen enough erosion of green cover, to the horror of concerned citizens, this is plain murder. 

The Expert Tree Committee which is mandated to protect trees has sought inspection of the above trees in various locations. This at the behest of BMRCL and KRDCL KSHIP and for road widening. All  the above notified areas are part of Bangalore Urban. 

  • No public consultation held.
  • With only a days notice by BBMP, Inspection done today and tomorrow ie 27/28 Dec 
  • Committee rushing with this even though court is on vacation
  • The court had sought info on permission  procedure before any further action
  • Committee has not yet submitted it
  • The committee which is mandated to meet once a month is doing so more frequently.

Who comprise the Expert Committee for trees? As citizens, we insist on transparency, that the court direction is followed, proper procedure undertaken and our city trees saved. These are not pieces on a chessboard to knock off.
These are our lungs. Our oxygen. Our future. 
We are all they have. 

Govt must step up to look at solutions which INCLUDE trees not butcher them. #BengaluruBleedsGreen # #StopGreenButchery #MyRightToBreathe #TimeForOxygenMasks 


  • https://www.deccanherald.com/city/3559-trees-to-be-cut-down-in-city-for-road-metro-789337.html 
  • PIL filed by Blr Env Trust - link here
  • Affidavit to courts on tree inspection by Tree Expert Committee (

    Order about Tree Census Order extracted from the affidavit submitted to High court on 10/10/19 by Chairman, Tree Authority, Bangalore Urban District and Chief Conservator of Forests (territorial) Bangalore ‘Under the orders vested upon the undersigned vide section 27 of the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act 1976,it is hereby directed that the work of conducting tree census as per clause (7) of the Act in BBMP limits shall be commenced by the Tree Officer and the DCF-BBMP before the 10th October 2019 and completed before 3oth September 2020.Until the time the work of conducting Tree Census is commenced, no further felling permission except that of dead, fallen and trees from which there is imminent danger to life or property, shall be given by the Tree Officer.  SignedChairman, Tree Authority, Bangalore Urban District’

  • https://newsable.asianetnews.com/video/india/bengaluru-set-to-lose-3-559-trees-in-the-name-of-development--q35xso
610 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!