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Time to stand up and Support the Police

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Dear Martin,

Personally I have commenced this petition and am forwarding it to you as part of your role as Attorney General of Victoria. I am tired of being complacent and sitting here daily watching and hearing about the total disrespect that is being shown to the Police Force not only Australia wide but in my state of Victoria.

Over the years and more recently I have been privy to vision and news articles daily on social media where our Police Force is seen to be performing their roles but there seems to be no support coming back to them. I watch with disbelief when Police officers are blatantly assaulted, dis-respected and the judicial system does nothing to support them in their decision making.

Police Officers are the community's protectors. I have to ask then WHO is protecting the Protectors? 

We, as a community need to see our protectors being supported and protected. We dont want to continue to see laws made BUT not adhered to when perpetrators are bought to justice. 

People disrespecting the law clearly do it because they, at the moment, know that there will be no consequences.  Until there is a ban on BAIL and more harsher sentences applied to people that assault the police this will continue. The Police need to be seen to have the power. If you take away their tools of trade and their support you are leaving them vulnerable. By leaving the Police Force vulnerable you are leaving the community vulnerable. If there are serious consequences to peoples actions I believe things will slow down and the Police will regain the respect that they deserve.

As the Attorney General we are asking you to ensure that the Police have an increase in support from the Judicial System. Harsher penalties are given to assaults against Police and ARE PUT IN PLACE URGENTLY . When Police oppose Bail they are supported. When Police are in unsafe situations such as near like riot situations that they have the confidence to do what they assess is necessary and have the tools to do so.

As a Community we need to know that our Protectors are Protected and we need to see a change in the support for our Police Force. 

Thank you 

Deb Bryant on behalf of the community as a whole 




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