Time for an enquiry into lack of supports & rights of foster, grandcarers, kinship carers.

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There are many reasons for the lack of foster carers. Since commencing this petition it is evident that the broken system in Victoria equates to most other states and territories in Australia.

Grandcarers in some states such as South Australia recieve no funding support at all yet extended family care is a far more beneficial outcome for children as opposed to statutory care.

Grandcarers, foster and kinship carers have all the responsibilities and yet, no rights. This quite often includes the right to be a representative in the Children's Court.

Carer costs far outweigh any payments they recieve (If they recieve anything at all!).

It's time for kinship including Grandcarers  & foster carers to be heard. It is time for urgent change!

Added to this, all states and territories in Australia operate differently. The care of vulnerable and traumatised children & the support carers recieve, should not be a matter of the luck of where you reside.

If you're a child with a disability in the child protection system, your future is even bleaker with support to potential foster carers minimal and specialist group homes considered "institutions".  Foster, Kinship and Grandcarers are often not approved to be part of children court hearings to detail their concerns or recommendations.

The system is outdated and in need of a major overhaul.

Being  left with no support once a child turns 18 and legislation that is fixated at 'family reunification' at all costs must change. Family reunification if it's in the child's best interest is one thing. Family reunification because there are no other options or the cheapest solution is not.

Please help and be part of this petition. Your effort will help protect the most vulnerable, our children. Together, let's create a child protection and foster carer system that works!