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Chris M started this petition to Australia and

After inadequate action and a late response to a crisis that has decimated 4.9-12.35 million hectares of land across Australia. An estimated 500 million animals perished. 1,466 houses destoryed in NSW.

(These numbers change based on who made the report so I am not sure on excatly how much land ect was burnt. Regardless, Its alot.)

After an obvious backlash from going on holiday. Scott decided to see if the 'Scomo' brand could work abit of magic and get some great footage of people being greatful for the presence of the PM in fire affected areas. But that didn't go quite the way he would of wanted. 

Below are some of the efforts Scott has made and they are not to be ignored but these need to be improved on and adequate resources need to be on call in future to prevent and isolate natural disasters when and if they arise.

Scott called for army assets and members to join the fight and help with evacuations. The army was a good step in the right direction but there still isnt enough resources to keep these people going. It's a mess and it's something we wouldnt of gotten into if we were prepared prior. 

Anthony Albanese's idea of a Firefighter relief payment was great. Taking away resources and power from Cheifs and Captains of local fire station's, Not so great. Due to the change, communication has been slow between commanders and crews because information gets feed through chains of people before reaching those concerned. Aid and Respite for family and firefighters has been great for some and non-existent for others and availability of necessary items is not guaranteed... Some Isolated areas affected are pretty much left to fend for themselves. 2 Billion towards Recovery funding over the next two years. (I personally dont think this will be enough)Yet the fire is still burning and more will be soon to follow and theyre already making recovery plans. Trying to be one step ahead but being two steps behind is really starting to show.

The list goes on and significant action has yet to be taken. Im sure there been alot more support but its most likely not from federal government as they claim the fires are state issue. 

If Scott remains in, Ill be keen eyed to see how he will go about restoring the ecosystems that were destoryed. But I wont hold my breath.

(Yes, if true a member of the opposite party told Scott Morrison how to do his job essentially. An given the idea Scott took it and ran, trying to catch as much good press as he could for it. That didnt succeed very well. What a joke.)


To Scott.

I suggest you honorably leave parliament now before things get far worse going into the hotter half of the bushfire season.

Your personal opinions and lack of morality in person towards those effected. outweigh your best efforts to sustain and repair a country in crisis and Australia doesn't have the time or resources to deal with your imcompatance.

Chris M, 18 



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