Boycott The Burrowing Owl

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The Burrowing Owl is a vegan dive bar located in southern Colorado Springs. It used to be a place where people from all walks of life could come and enjoy themselves in an accommodating and relaxed atmosphere. But this is no longer a safe space. Since the hiring and defense of a known and repeated sexual offender, this business has been on very thin ice. Yes, it is true that they have finally fired this employee. But they continue to harass those affected by the sexual abuser they had employed, and those who have supported those affected as well. We all know that speaking your truth about being sexually abused is an incredibly difficult feat, and the actions taken by the Burrowing Owl in light of this situation clearly shows their stance on this subject. Now their time is UP. I am calling for a complete boycott of the Burrowing Owl until they make a full, public apology with intentions to educate themselves more about rape culture, and what it really means to be apart of a community.