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Every year, TIME magazine releases its "Top 10 of Everything" list. This year, writer Alexandra Silver listed Michael Vick as one of the year's top comebacks.

"The name Michael Vick will forever be associated with dog fighting, but it seems his gruesome crimes won't be the last word," she writes. His performance on the field shouldn't earn him forgiveness. As a star athlete, Vick is seen by many - especially children - as a role model. Articles like this, though, portray him as a role model for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Vick served his time. But the TIME magazine article is irresponsible. The article presents his football stats as being more important - and more memorable - than the dogs who suffered at his hands.

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Letter to
President, Time Inc. News & Sports Group Mark Ford
Alexandra Silver
Jill Watanabe
and 1 other
Publisher Brendan Ripp
I am writing to ask you to remove Michael Vick from your list of top comebacks for 2010. This list should be reserved for individuals who triumphed over hardship or adversity.

Your article irresponsibly portrays Vick as a hero who overcame the odds. In reality, the odds were his own horrendous crimes. Yes, he "paid his debt to society" for his felony dog fighting conviction. The author of the article wrote "...that his legacy might yet be measured in touchdowns and yards, rather than going entirely to the dogs." But his performance on the field shouldn't earn him a pass at being responsible for his crimes.

Allowing Vick to appear on this list sets a terrible example, especially to the children who look up to him as a role model. Remove Vick from the list. Show your readers that your publication does not value performance on the football field over animal welfare.

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