Stop Controversial & Non Compliant Over-Development near Central Park, Malvern East!

Stop Controversial & Non Compliant Over-Development near Central Park, Malvern East!

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Megan Tarrant started this petition to Councillor Kate Hely (Stonnington Mayor) and

We strongly object to the non compliant over development near Central Park, Malvern East (173 Burke Road, Glen Iris), a controversial location - close to homes and multiple schools in a Community Sensitive Residential Area with village appeal.

The proposal, if approved by Stonnington Council, will set a disturbing precedent for the over development in a predominantly heritage residential area where strict planning compliance is mandatory.

1. Why did Time & Place and Woolworths choose this site in a community sensitive area? Time & Place and Woolworths are not respecting our neighbourhood! Surrounding this large scale, 9 level over-development (6 above ground, 3 below ground) is a predominantly heritage residential area which adheres to the Stonnington council planning scheme, and as such requires neighbourhood character and scale to be retained.  At best, this is an inappropriate site for such a large scale over development! Elsternwick residents & Glen Eira Council gave a resounding NO, more than once to Woolies! And so do we!

2. Why did Time & Place fail to notify or meaningfully consult with local residents affected by this development? Many local residents adversely impacted confirmed they were not notified in the mail and/or unaware of this controversial over development. Furthermore a short notice, highly scripted Webinar session without meaningful consultation was poorly received by residents. This large scale and imposing, first of its kind mega development near Central Park (full line Woolworths, Liquor store, 85 apartments, new proposed traffic lights cnr Burke/Hope st, removal of existing street car parking spots) has conveniently sought not to truly consult with the community on this significant proposed over development. Even the proposed project architectural renders/visuals do not disclose the full and ‘relevant to impact on residents’ extent of the scope of the development, particularly as it relates to traffic implications.

We already have multiple major supermarkets close by, including Woolworths and Coles! And we say NO to Central Park Woolies! 

3. This over development proposal is not compliant with the Stonnington Planning Scheme, Clause 34.01-2 (15/7/2013), which states that any land use "MUST NOT" detrimentally affect the amenity of the neighbourhood. This over development will detrimentally affect the amenity of the neighbourhood in several ways:

- Transport of materials and goods to and from the land required to support the full line Woolworths Supermarket & Liquor Store Proposed. Traffic congestion is already a constraint with 3 schools within the near vicinity and with Burke Road a feeder to both the Monash and Dandenong Roads. We do not want Woolworths heavy trucks and significant increased traffic all day and into the evening near our children or surrounding streets! Nor do we want to lose existing street car parking in the village.  This over development not only relies on the use Hope Street, which is partially general residential zoned as documented on Vic Plan Maps, to conduct their commercial activities, but also works against the traffic decongestion project recently completed on Burke Rd (level crossing removal). Not only will Central Park Woolies adversely impact our village amenity but winds back all the collective efforts of Stonnington to improve amenity through debottlenecking Burke Rd. Residents are also concerned the Time & Place traffic analysis is not sufficiently thorough and does not aptly consider all the traffic routes. 

- Appearance of the building and works through the 6 levels (above ground) over-development (first development of its kind) which is not to scale, nor proposes complementary density, compared to all other existing buildings within Central Park Commercial Zone 1, which are 2 stories only. The approval of this development will set a precedent for the disappearance of Central Park surrounds as we know it today!

- Lacks basic privacy protections and creates unfavourable shadowing to our existing residents. Furthermore, the 3 basement levels require significant excavation works that is concerning to residents from a foundational/structural perspective.

- Emission of noise, air pollution near our kids and local residents. 


1. Lodge Formal Objection on Stonnington e-planning portal (online link below or in writing) on 173 Burke Rd Glen Iris

- Search for: '173 Burke' in the Address tab
- Select 'Actions' tab
- Select 'Object to this Application' tab & complete form

2. Lodge Formal Objection to Vic Roads (131170) and get a VR Ref # or on email:

3. Sign & Share Petition

Continue to raise awareness amongst our community through talking to neighbours, schools and community groups. Get the word out!

Save Central Park Precinct! People before Profits! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!