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We demand an apology for negative portrayal of a Christian church on Time Magazine's cover

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The May 29th Time Magazine cover designed by Brobel Design depicted St. Basil's Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral, located near the Kremlin in Moscow, enveloping the White House. This accompanied an article discussing "Russia's social media war on America". Additionally, the image displayed does not portray the several prominent crosses located on St. Basil's Cathedral. They have been removed from the image.

We find all of this misleading, unprofessional, and unbecoming a respected organization such as Time Magazine for the following reasons:

1) Portrayal of a Cathedral belonging to the second largest Christian group in the world, the Orthodox Christian Church, as something harming America.

The Orthodox Christian Church (of which the Russian Orthodox Church is a part of) has thousands of parishes within the United States, and millions of American citizens belong to the Orthodox Christian Church. To portray a Cathedral of the Orthodox Christian Church as an enemy of America is an insult to, and an attack on all the members of this faith.

2) Removal in the image of the crosses which are prominently placed atop St. Basil's Cathedral.

Removal of the crosses from the cathedral in the Time Magazine cover masked the fact that this building--and by extension all other Russian Cathedrals in this style-- is in fact a Christian Church. This enabled Time Magazine and others to display these Churches as dangerous to America without disclosing that they are in fact Christian Churches: Churches of the religion held by the majority of Americans.

We demand that Time Magazine, the  Editor of Time Magazine, Nancy Gibbs, and Brobel Design issue a public apology for the above reasons.


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