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Nomination Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz

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Subject: Opposition to the Nomination of Carmen Yulin Cruz, Mayor of San Juan, as TIME’s Person of the Year
The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, is one of 33 nominees to TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year. We strongly oppose this nomination, for the reasons described below:
Through local and international press, Mayor Cruz falsely claims she represents “the voice of the people of Puerto Rico”. She was never bestowed such authority.
Mayor Cruz does not believe in Puerto Rico’s permanent union with the United States of America, nor does she respect the will of the Puerto Rican electorate, which, in a recent democratic referendum, voted overwhelmingly in support of said permanent union.
The political ideology of Mrs. Carmen Yulin Cruz is communist. She has publicly shown her support for dictatorial regimes. She has close ties to Cuba and Venezuela, where the rights to freedom of expression and of the press are restricted. These are countries that face humanitarian crises, where basic services are lacking.
The Mayor of San Juan promotes acts of protest and civil disobedience, locally, against the Government of Puerto Rico, the Federal Government, and private institutions. The use of violence and vandalism by the groups supported by Mayor Cruz has caused economic losses to government and private property. She has personally witnessed the burning of the United States flag without repudiating this act.
Mayor Cruz was one of the main proponents of the release of Puerto Rican political convict, Oscar López-Rivera, from prison. Lopez-Rivera was the leader of the FALN, an armed group fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico, which committed terrorist acts, causing the suffering and loss of innocent lives in the US. Mayor Cruz has declared this individual a “Hero of the Motherland”. With the use of public funds of the Municipality of San Juan, she has paid expenses –such as housing, meals, transportation, and security— for the benefit of this individual. Mayor Cruz is a regular guest at official acts hosted by communist countries to honor Lopez-Rivera.
It’s untenable that a magazine with the prestige and recognition of TIME puts forth this nomination. The magazine is rewarding a person who is a threat to the US given her record of supporting armed and subversive groups. Her nomination is particularly offensive to the millions of US citizens who treasure and respect our Nation, living both in Puerto Rico and in the mainland US.
We request to disqualify Carmen Yulin Cruz from the group of nominees.
Those who sign this petition do so freely and voluntarily. No one is being pressured or offered anything in return for his/her signature.

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