Time is Running Out! 7/7/17 UN vote to outlaw nuclear weapons. Your help is needed.

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"Let’s force rogue nations like the USA to sign the nuclear ban treaty in October!"

Here are the words of our inspirer, Rael, (www.rael.org) after the vote on July 7. Following Friday’s adoption by 122 countries of the first-ever United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons, Rael applauded the “fantastic success” of that action. But he also called upon people of all nations to stay mobilized, since the nuclear-armed nations boycotted the vote. “We must continue forcing the governments of the rogue countries that want to keep their atomic bombs, particularly the United States, Britain and France, to sign the treaty in October,” Rael said. “It’s their bombs that threaten humanity’s very survival, so it’s up to the people of these countries to make their governments sign the treaty.” For the past three months, thousands of peace lovers, including Raelians worldwide, have followed Rael's encouragement to meditate publicly for peace while informing people of the upcoming nuclear ban treaty vote. “Our actions must continue,” Rael declared. “The deadline is October.” According to Rael, it is particularly hypocritical for the world’s 5 dominant countries to claim the right to be the only nations that can possess nuclear weapons, since India and Pakistan also have them already. “And it’s even more hypocritical that everybody pretends not to know that Israel also has more than 100 atomic bombs!” he said. “And the funniest part is that the dominant western powers are scrutinizing countries like Iran to make sure they don’t get nuclear weapons when they aren’t voting to ban their own.” “Shame on the Netherlands also for voting against the ban,” Rael added. “All these countries [that are opposed to the ban] will bear the responsibility of the humanity’s destruction if it happens!” In a previous address, Rael explained that the alternative to an enforced nuclear ban is for all countries to possess atomic weapons, which could be another way to enforce a ban. "Now the only way to push the big [nuclear] nations is to hope that as many small countries of the world as possible get the atomic bomb. Then everybody will be so scared that they will make [using them] forbidden,” said Rael. “But don't give up! We still have hope, and until then let's put pressure on the leader of the pronuclear movement, the USA.” “I solemnly ask all peace lovers to promote the boycotting of all American products, service and tourism,” Rael declared. “I ask them instead to buy products and services from and promote tourism in the countries who supported the ban, like Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines. These are beautiful countries for tourism and they are much more interesting than the USA.” Rael also deplored the lack of news coverage concerning the nuclear ban treaty. “There are no mainstream media reports about this vote in the United States, France or the United Kingdom,” he pointed out. This is mass manipulation at its worst!” Rael concluded by saying that nations opposing a treaty that bans atomic weapons “are definitely rogue nations, since they are but a tiny minority of all humanity.” “They cannot continue claiming they want to promote democracy when they’re just a tiny minority, 5 nations out of 180, that continue to dominate the world,” he pointed out. “This is a terrible fascist imperialism, being the only ones to own nuclear weapons thanks to their hypocritical ‘nonproliferation’ treaty.”

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4 years ago