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Change how the game is played from the NFL down through Youth Football

The NFL is one of the most powerful institutions in the United States and perhaps the world. They have the power to completely change how football is played in this country. We need them to really get serious about educating players about the long term damage that they can do to their bodies, especially their brains.

They need to use their influence to impact Youth, High School, and College football to focus on skills first, not rough play. Less pressure on the players so they can learn skills, over being physical first.

We need them to get serious about the helmets used in today's game. Hard plastic helmets surprisingly don't protect from concussions as well as the old style leather helmets did. Going back to leather isn't the way to go, but hard plastic isn't working either. Use your money pile, NFL, to get serious about this.

Finally, the environment of "suck it up and go back out there" MUST be changed after a possible concussion. According to a study done by the Brain Trauma Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, suffering a second concussion while still having symptoms from a previous concussion can be lethal. What does a possible win compare to major re-injury or possible death?

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  • Time for the NFL to get serious about player safety

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