Time for change

Time for change

5 July 2022
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Started by S M Y

Time for Change!

We need to have better policies, for people buying and selling their homes. There should be consequences and fees for time wasters! It is all too easy with our current system, and we need to be following in Scotlands footsteps and protecting those who are genuine in wanting to buy and sell. 

We have been on the most difficult journey since last April. My husband and I have been living in our flat for over 20 years, it was a hard decision to decide to move, but we have outgrown our space and needed to to upsize to accommodate our family. We put an offer in on a property last year, we had a cash buyer for our property, so we were in a good position to move, and our onward purchase was keen to sell started looking for their onward house. Unfortunately it was not so easy for them to find their dream home. Nearly 5 months had past, and our buyers decided to pull out of purchasing our property as too much time was passing. A week later, ( after requesting more money from us) they found a property, so we had to re market our home. After 2 weeks, we had no bites, so our onward chain requested that we purchased independently or they would re market their property to someone else. As we loved the house so much we decided to move independently. Our mortgage application was taking longer than anticipated and the onward chain was getting itchy as they wanted a quick turn around. We were being pushed and were under a lot of pressure. finally, our mortgage offer came in, it was the most stressful situation! Exchange was being arranged and, by this time were nearly 9 months down the line. We had a potential moving date and our son's birthday weekend cancelled due to having to pack! Suddenly once the money was in to exchange, our onward purchase decided to pull out with no real reason other than the house they had chosen wasn't quite right for them!

What a joke! This is not on! How can you push someone into this and get away with it? We have fees to pay, mortgage application fees, we have solicitor fees! we are talking about lots of money not pounds. 


We are lucky that we have a beautiful home to fall back to, what about those people that are in the most awful situations, that have given notice on rentals and have nowhere to move too? People dealing with bereavement, sickness, so many other situations, that are dreadful. We need protecting and this needs to happen now!

Please, help me get this petition higher. How many others have been affected by this?

The current market, is ridiculous! We need stronger policies to protect genuine people and stop people time wasting!

See the attached link to Scotlands process called concluding the missives! If this had have been in place, we would not be out of pocket now.


Who's with me? Please sign and share!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart it's time for change!

Kindest Reagrds

SMY x x 

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Signatures: 153Next Goal: 200
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