Lice exposure parent notification in Santa Rosa County schools

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There is a growing concern with parents in the Santa Rosa county community of potential lice exposure where no notification is sent home to the parents. Currently there is no policy stating that parents must be notified of such occurrences. The current policy should be changed to include notification to parents whose children are potentially exposed to lice. Concerns also include time taken from work for the parents, missed time from school for affected children, as well as time and expenses related to lice control and removal.

A policy that enforces notification to parents that a child has been potentially exposed to lice could help stop the spread of the problem and allow parents to research or implement necessary preventative methods. It is the belief of many individuals that the school must change its policy so students and parents can focus on the education of their child. We believe this is a crucial step to regain confidence in the local public school system, and know that our children's needs are being put first when parents can not be present.