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Urgently stop harmful "Vote No" to marriage equality ads from being aired on TV.

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I'm gay, and I always will be. I don't "choose" to be gay, it's not a lifestyle - it's just who I am. I have an amazing partner who I love talking to and spending time with. It destroys my confidence and makes me extremely sad when I see "stop the fags" posters put up like those in Melbourne. Individuals of the LGBT+ community are 3x more likely to suffer serious depression in their lives [1] due to the emotional, verbal and physical abuse inflicted on us. Posters like those just make things worse.

This is my life, I shouldn't have to put up with the bullies and their abuse, whether I'm walking down the street or watching the news on the T.V. This is why I'm calling on the major television networks in Australia to refuse to air harmful "Vote No" ads. Every time we see one of these it's like a sucker punch to the stomach. They are hurtful, demeaning, and severely affect the emotional health and wellbeing of LGBT+ individuals. The ads are also legally allowed to spread deceptive and misleading information as the postal vote is not covered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act. [2]

Please help me stop thousands of LGBT+ individuals around Australia from suffering from even more hurtful verbal and emotional abuse. LGBT+ individuals are already 11 times more likely [1] to attempt suicide. Airing these hurtful ads could tip someone over the edge and have fatal consequences.



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