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We can stop a Hard Brexit Tory Landslide, maybe even stop Brexit

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However unless we do something now, with the UK's first-passed-the-post voting system, nearly half of us (48% of us) will be totally denied a meaningful vote (especially now that Jeremy Corbin has shown himself to be a closet Brexiter).

But if we persuade the anti-Brexit parties to work together they could really make our votes matter.

Therefore we call on the Greens, Lib Dems, and other anti-Brexit non conservative MPs to put country before politics and agree not to stand against each other in any constituency, allowing which ever of them gained the most votes at the last election to be the single candidate to stand. 

If they use as their main campaign slogan "This is our chance to revisit Brexit - our chance even to change our minds and stop Britain leaving the EU" or something similar, they will prevent a Conservative landslide as the voting will be closer to the 48/52 Brexit referendum split, may be even better.  For years this tactic has worked very well in Australia for the Australian Country Party and the Liberals (the Australian conservative party) who often (and are at the moment) are able to govern as a alliance forcing Labour onto the opposition benches.

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