Remove Columbus Statue from MN State Capitol

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A monument to Christopher Columbus still stands at the MN State Capitol in St. Paul. This monument touts Columbus as the “first American,” effectively erasing the existence of the indigenous people this land was stolen from. 

From MinnPost: “By proclaiming Columbus the “first American” and making no mention of Indigenous people, either nationally or locally, the memorial association perpetuated the myth of Indians as “savages.” In effect, history on the continent of North America was stated to begin only with the first appearance of Europeans. Indians were viewed as existing in a frozen and timeless past, and Europeans as driving the progress of the continent toward its historic and manifest destiny.”


If the lake and parkway formerly known as Calhoun can be updated to the name Bde Maka Ska in an effort to reflect indigenous history, so can the state Capitol. Tell Governor Walz you want it removed and replaced by signing this petition.