Minnesota State Police Reform

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This campaign has grown even faster than I could have dreamed! About 24 hours after this petition was posted we hit 1,000 signatures! I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. And I want you to know that I value that support dearly and I'm currently working to further our cause. 

What I'm currently doing: 

  • I've reached out to many our MN state representatives, DFL party chairman Ken Martin, US Representative Angie Craig, US Senator Tina Smith, and US Senator Amy Klobuchar 
  • Reaching out to various social activist groups in the Twin Cities. 
  • Planning and organizing materials for canvassing at protests around the twin cities. 
  • Recruiting volunteers to help canvas at these events. 

These are all actions to help further our cause, but I cannot do this alone. What you can do to contribute: 

  • Volunteer your time towards spreading our petition online - Sharing on your social media pages is a great way to start. The best way grassroots campaigns work is by word of mouth. Sharing in groups is even more effective. 
  • Volunteer your time to help canvas - We need much more help in collecting signatures at protest events and hopefully by going door to door. This is also a great way to show support for our community while also advocating for change. 
  • Donating materials and funds towards canvassing. 
  • Donating to this campaign page - every dollar donated promotes this petitions exposure on change.org 

Thank you all for your continued support. Please stay safe out there. 

Anna Santa Brigida
10 months ago