Intoxication does not mean consent

Intoxication does not mean consent

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Started by Taylor Solomon

In May 2017, a woman was willingly intoxicated when she followed a man to an alleged "party". After luring her inside, the man raped her while she was unconscious. Upon waking up, she told the man she did not want to have sex, which he resisted her opinion and continued raping her as she fell back into unconsciousness.

During the trial, the Minnesota court ruled that a man can not be charged with felony rape if a woman chose to drink beforehand.

This ruling is unjust and only makes society unsafe for women. We live in a world where our friends, daughters, or even mothers can be "legally" raped if they drink beforehand. Where men can rape drunk women with little repercussions. This ruling is patriarchal and completely unacceptable and must be undermined as soon as possible for the safety of women internationally.

If this ruling is not challenged, many rapists will go uncharged. We already live in an immoral world where 1 in 6 women in the United States alone is raped annually. Rape victims deserve the chance to press charges and seek justice for the wrong actions against them, and this decision only makes it harder to do so.

In a society where 70 women every day commit suicide due to sexual violence, we have to make our voices heard. Victims deserve inner peace, deserve to be believed, and deserve to be heard. I ask one last time, that we come together and challenge this ruling, if not for ourselves, for our sisters, daughters, mothers, and friends.

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!