Stricter Punishment for those who misuse the 911 system.

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The misuse of 911 is being used as a harassment tactic.  People are calling the police on blacks for simply living their everyday life.  It has become the new form of expressing racism.  It puts the the person called on in a uncomfortable and unfortunate situation and the cops usually end up wasting their time for nothing.  The rise of this racist tactic is because their is no repercussions behind it.  If they're not caught by someone recording them calling the police. They can be racist and discreet while using the police to enforce their agenda.  This needs to stop and a new stricter law needs to be enforced to stop it. I want to my petition to be heard and see that we the people are tired of this.  The only way to end racism from those who choose to live it is a United front from everyone against it.