Clemency for Robert Gibson Unjust sentencing sentenced to 7 life sentences plus 105 years

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On June 9, 2008 in Norfolk Virginia Robert Gibson was sentenced to a 7 life sentence and a consecutive 105yrs in prison. For a drug conspiracy case, Robert was offered to take a plea deal for a sentence of 45years which he denied.   Robert put faith in his public defender lawyer at the time and decided to take a chance at trial. All of Robert's co-defendants all took plea deals to testify against him for less time even though he was not the head person of the conspiracy charge. Never in a million years would he have thought his life would take this turn, he thought 45yrs was alot imaging getting 300yrs. Unimaginable, heartbreaking, surreal just out right sad. To give someone all though years for an unviolent charge just because u feel like it. That's the only way to see it why else would u sentenced some one all those years. Robert made a mistake getting his self caught up with these people in this conspiracy case but he is Not a monster he is Not a murderer. He doesnt deserve all this time. Hes a father of 2 beautiful children he deserves another chance at life with his kids, his loved ones hoping one day he will be set free. He still has more life to live, he's been incarcerated for 10yrs since he was 25yrs old. I think hes done enough time for the crime. Please help us bring Robert home to his family. It would make us so thankful and happy to have him back home with us it's been a long ten years and just thinking of him spending his whole life in jail just breaks my heart.

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