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Appealing Governor Brown's unconstitutional laws

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This petition is for an appeal on gun-control in California. Only days after our nation was rocked by the Orlando club shooting, which was an act of domestic terrorism, governor Brown signed into law bills that infringe on our Constitutional rights as law abiding citizens to own and bear arms. The laws that are in question: SB-1235, which would require background checks for all ammunition sales. SB-1446, which would make it illegal to own any firearm with a detachable magazine. SB-880 and AB-1135, which would in affect make thousands of rifles and pistols illegal to own unless re-registered as assault weapons. AB-1511, which makes it illegal to loan a firearm to a family member without a FFL transfer. He did however veto other bills that came across his desk but the ones he did sign are unconstitutional in every aspect. These bills were signed into law without the consent of the people of California , the very same people he's supposed to be representing. These bills should have been voted on by the public before being signed into law. We are asking that these bills be void of all legality until they can be properly addressed by Californians and voted on. These bills that governor Jerry Brown signed into law will affect generations to come in California. As Californians we should have a voice and not be overlooked or ignored. His political agenda is not that of the people he represents and should not be pushed on us. If these laws are put into affect they will not cut down on gun related crimes because criminals already don't listen to the laws and will not turn in their firearms just because a new law was made. These law will criminalize law abiding citizens and responsible gun owners if they use their firearms for self-defense purposes. If you truly love our country and believe in everything our Constitution says then please help by signing this petition and spread the word.

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