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Adjust the speed of HGV's on Orwell Bridge (A14) to save lives

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I was involved in a car accident in October on the Orwell Bridge. A HGV smashed into the back of my car. Physically I am healing and thankful to walk away, however the incident has left me extremely shaken and am unable to stop myself from thinking what might have been. 

The problem is that the new speed for cars and vans crossing the bridge was reduced to 60 MPH, whilst HGV'S speed limits remained the same, many limited to 56 MPH. The loss of the 10 MPH difference does not allow for cars to clear or to safely overtake HGV'S. Where before Car / Van drivers had a 14 MPH difference to get clear ahead of the HGV's this has been reduced to only 4 MPH and whilst trying to stick to the new speed limit as well as keep heavy vehicle's from sitting on our tails, this clearly is not possible given the speed restrictions now in place.

I am sure that others have been in that scary and anxious position, crossing the bridge east bound and trying for a half mile to find a gap to tuck in and turn off at Euro park Nacton. The lorries are often nose to tail and they cannot or sometimes will not let you in. With the old higher 10 MPH speed limit difference you used to be able to find a gap or get behind them more easily. Now it is a frantic slow motion 0 - 6 MPH race to find a gap with time and the road running out. Often the HGV'S  sit on the tails of cars as wanting to keep their speed at a constant 56/60 MPH so to not lose momentum which is highly intimidating for the car driver as I know from personal experience. 

Either the former national speed limits need to be restored or the speed limit for HGV'S crossing the bridge must drop in equal comparison to 46/50 MPH allowing cars or vans the extra speed that is needed to safely overtake and clear HGV'S 


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