Increase the commission paid to the Eyemouth Post Office Post Master

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This petition is being posted on behalf of Eyemouth Community Council:

Since the Conservative Government sold off Royal Mail, many Post Masters have struggled to keep services open. All transactions are commission based and require substantial over the counter transactions to support the Post Master. We request that Post Office Ltd revises the amounts paid to Post Masters to make these services sustainable. 

Last week, the Eyemouth Post Office closed its doors with virtually no notice making it very difficult for residents and businesses to make alternative arrangements. Eyemouth Community Council worked tirelessly to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community didn't go without the vital services that Eyemouth Post Office provides for them.

Eyemouth Post Office has now secured a temporary solution and the Post Office has reopened, however the issue hasn't gone away. Eyemouth Community Council are working hard to find a long term solution and will continue their discussions with Post Office Ltd so we can retain this essential community service. 

Please SIGN here to support Eyemouth Post Office and to request that  the Post Office Ltd increase the commission paid to Post Masters.