Help Save Iconic Lorne Trampolines

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The Insurance underwriters worldwide have walked away from Trampoline Insurance. Unable to obtain Public Liability Insurance, the Iconic Outdoor Lorne Trampolines will have to close after 45 years of operation. 

The Trampolines are situated on Crown Land and therefore can fall under the State Insurer - The VMIA. At the request of the Finance Minister under S25A, the VMIA can provide insurance to the site, short term, until a longer term solution can be found after the summer season 2021.

After a year of COVID closure, the losses for the operator continue, this short term lifeline would be helpful inorder to weigh options in a less busy time of the year.

There are many dissappointed young faces, as they hook their fingers through the mesh fencing and look upon their beloved trampolines out of action.

Help us make our case to the Ministers that can help bring back some joy to the Lorne Foreshore amd hundreds of kids who love coming to the Tramps for a bounce!