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A change in laws surrounding the purchasing of acids is needed!

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Acid attacks are on a rise and a change is needed. many offenders of violent acid attacks are able to but the corrosive substances online easily, just for as little as £5. This due to the unrestricted laws that are enforced. From 2012 to 2016 acid attacks has risen by 500% and these are mainly occurring in London. Acid attacks causes a huge impact on community's, family and especially the victims. victims feel they cant live their 'normal' life because of the damage it causes to their skin, sight, features and much more. These outrageous crimes could be prevented by a tighter restriction on the purchasing of acids. Laws should be enforced to stop crime and protect people, but the 2015 change of laws surrounding illegal substances allows anyone with a valid 'reason'  is able to buy the liquid. This is a change from when people had to register with their local governments and given a license to get hold of acids. However, today acids are able to be purchased easily for as little as £5.This is giving anyone with any intention to access the damaging substance.

For these reasons the restrictions on buying acids needs to be gas powerful as ever, because acid attacks are now becoming a way of defence, just like guns and knifes.Acid attacks are not a small crime in the UK and will continue to cause a large impact on individuals and community if they are not being prevented in many ways as possible.

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