Australian National Health Record

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National heath records will be created for all Australian by November 2018.  Recently, Australians have been advised via the media that there is an My Health Record "opt out" date announced - for those who do not wish to participate. For many Australians, this is the first time they have heard about the National My Health Record.

Considering health records contain very private and personally identifiable information which could be open to abuse and hacking, it is vitally important that Australians have been communicated to and provided with all legislation and security controls around the new My Heath Record data.

So far - the Government has done a poor job of this communication and has sticky taped an "opt out" mechanism for those who do not wish to take part in the scheme. 

By signing this petition, you are telling the Government of Australia, the Minister for Health Mr Greg Hunt and the Australian Digital Health Agency that you want more open, partisan and multi-way discussion about the My Health Record platform and the implications of security and controls of these digital records.  Also, we want to understand precisely, the benefits of this to us - the Australian Public.

Questions that need to be answered might be:

1) What gives the government the right to control my personally identifiable health records ?

2) How do I know that my records are safe and secure ? 

3) Who has access to what information - and under what circumstance can my health record be accessed ?

3) Why not an "opt in" mechanism , so that Australians can understand the benefits and are comfortable with security, before they sign up for this scheme ? An opt out mechanism may leave many Australians' records open to abuse when first launched.

4) What controls are in place ? How will we know if there is any breaches of confidential information

5) What national and international penalties are in place for people, organisations or governments who may breach the conditions of use of the My Health Record systems ? 

6) Provided there are adequate security and controls around the My Health Record data, what benefit is this scheme to the Australian Public ?