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Save Our Lives! Help Stop Domestic Violence !

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On October 23, 2016. I became another number,  another avoidable statistic,  another "victim" to Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence.  I was assaulted by the hands of my husband.  Today,  I am choosing to no longer be a victim.  I am choosing my birth right.  To educate myself and the many others that suffer in silence.  To stand and to not only voice my truth but Change my truth.  Listed below,  are not what I would like to see change.  But,  what We as a society Need to change.  This is not one singular devastion, this is a threat that impacts us all.  Men,  women,  and children.  On October 23, 2016, after having my husband already put his hands on me, speed around among the streets and highways going 100+MPH at times,  wielding a pocketknife,  stopping at a previous employers house to confront him. Than, driving to Wal-Mart, where the abuse, both verbal and physical still continued.  People standing back,  watching it unfold as I'm grabbed and pulled by my ear,  by my arm.  While being verbally abused.  Bad enough to where a woman grabbed her child and ran in the opposite direction.  I begged a bystander to please call the cops. All of to no avail.  After freeing myself from his grips..I was finally saved and brought home by a unknown woman and her children.  A woman who knew Domestic Violence.  Upon returning home,  he,  my abuser had returned as well.  To finish what he had started.  The first 911 call was placed that day at 1:20pm.  I was distraught.  Here he was,  outside.. Trying to come IN.  He beat on the house, kicked the doors,  went to windows.  My fear?  He would get in and he would hurt me.  After getting off the phone from 911, he got in.  Through the window.  I stood and I watched.  I watched him coming in via removing the ac unit and ..coming in.  Once he had made entry,  it started all over. I tried,  I tried once again to get away.  Making circles throughout the house. The end result?  I had been picked up off the floor by my neck,  dragged outside,  thrown in the car,  toe slammed in the door,  dragged across pavement,  slammed down on the pavement while being dragged by means of my ankle, head bouncing off the pavement.  Every man or woman's nightmare had happened.  All while neighbors watched,  all while I laid on the horn while fighting him off of me for help, for help that wasn't coming from anyone and from help from law enforcement whom I had already called via 911. My mother eventually showed, to her daughter laying out in the yard with my husband walking away from me.  Another 911 call placed and him leaving the scene.  At 2:05pm was when the cops finally arrived.  You see , prior to October 23 I had already had a Protection Order on him that I dropped.  A choice that I learned hard from.  Today,  Feb.  2, 2017 he has taken a plea bargain.  He will be out,  on 2years supervised probation.  He will be returning to a residence that has guns,  ammunition.  They aren't in his name,  but he will have easy enough acess.  There is a no contact barring him from me as well as a permanent Protection Order for 2 years.  I,  as the victim,  I as the wife won't freely know who his probation officer is.  Something,  that in domestic violence should be a given.  Not for the martial aspect,  but for a victim of his.  He is and will be my abuser, to whom..he has accepted his guilt and conviction of this.  But,  it's not mandatory.  During the course of my marriage,  there were many forms of abuse that I endured.  And all by the same man.   A man , who was already out on bond for the Second time by the state of Florida.  The charges?  28 felony charges.  27 for child pornography. And yet,  this man was already extradited once previously on a violation of that bond,  yet allowed to post again.  With no supervision.  To flee to another state and break the law even further.  What , do We as a society need to change?  We need better response times from the time the first call to 911 is placed,  until that first officer arrives. A lot can happen.  I've lived it.  I was told to call 911 back had he came in.  I never got to place that call.. Rather we need more finances to our local sheriff's department or we need to further educate our 911 needs to happen.  That was why I fought back,  I knew any minute that help would be here.  It wasn't.  We also need to set fourth a system that better implicates "if you see something, say something ". That day,  people watched.  Just watched.  All but one stranger helped me.  Only one. I think we all can agree that that is a national issue that really needs to be addressed and resolved.  Picking up a phone is not hard.  People fear being dragged into court.  We need an incentive,  a better,  safer way for people to report acts of violence without fear of court dates and retaliation from the accused and convicted.  Furthermore,  ANY type of crime that involves children and exploitation needs to be automatically risked assessed and closely evaluated/monitored as to the threat on the community and others.  If bond is granted awaiting trial , evaluate flight risk as well as impose a tracking device.  Freedom would still be granted just monitored more closely.  As my abuser,  who has been waiving his right to appear in another state,  while he flees and prolongs justice,  just to hide in another state.  Commit acts of violence here,  is able to go into households here where he is able to be around families , of which have children.  Therefore,  giving him further ease and access to his sickness.  Ultimately creating a scenario of creating and obtaining another victim.  To which I say , when is enough truly enough?  Please stop helping our abusers abuse.  Please help me helps us!  I'm not asking for a giant step of mankind.  I am asking for a pause,  a thought and a solution.  On ending, everyday,  everyday we are losing women, children, veterans, law enforcement to Domestic Violence.  As with the recent story in Florida,  Markieth Llyod had initially took the life of his ex girlfriend and a unborn child.  Afterwards,  law enforcement officer shot directly by him and one whom died while enroute to that call.  This affects you,  I,  us.  Please save us!  


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