"Demanding justice for the unjustly accused" and also being a voice for the voiceless..

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I write this letter from the confines of a prison cell serving an active sentence of 13 years. To the date of this writing I have been incarcerated for seven years which leaves me with about six more years to serve. Compared to others in here my incarceration and the sentence I received may not seem that excessive or extensive. But that is only because you do not know the back story. I should not be in prison.
As United States citizen the Constitution guarantees that we each have a right to have a Grand Jury and be given notice of our charges through the presentment of an indictment. However, to my shock and dismay no such guarantee exists in Virginia. The law states that upon reaching a decision on an indictment every grand jury member must be polled in open court and the presiding Judge must validate their findings by signing the Order book. However, these procedures were not followed in accordance to both state and federal law in my case. Rights that were trampled by the practices of a prosecuting office and a overzealous prosecutor whos tenure trying cases would come to an end due to several legal and ethical violations (James Entas). Acts that had they been performed by a defence attorney or any other agent of the court would have likely resulted in criminal charges, but due to prosecutorial immunity corrupt prosecutors get away with such acts daily. I adamantly maintained my innocence throughout trial, and my case is now pending in the United States Supreme Court. Every provision within the Fifth Amendment is viewed as a guaranteed right made applicable to the states by the Fourteenth Amendment, except for the right to a Grand Jury and the presentment of an indictment. However, these are fundamental rights of American Jurisprudence and for Virginia to not recognize it as such is an abuse of power.

After graduating from Freire Charter School and winning a full scholarship for basketball. I attended Norfolk State University for basketball where I graduated in 2010. In 2012 I was indicted for robbery, abduction, armed statutory burglary, use of a firearm in a commission of a felony, and wearing a mask in public. I was eventually convicted and sentenced to 66 years with 53 suspended, giving me an active sentence of 13 years.

My petition now before the United States Supreme Court is a challenge to the validity of the purported indictments against me. The indictment process in some Virginia courts are being grossly executed, while being a clear violation of one's constitutional rights, which until my current petition no one has challenged to this nations highest court. As it stands the indictments that were obtained to aid in my conviction were so grossly flawed that the conviction itself is void, being the foundation of my petition before the U.S. Supreme Court. (See the entire petition on my official website @imperialjustice.com )

In closing, I pray you support me in my fight for justice for myself and others who face the everyday evils of this nation's corroded criminal justice system. The time has come for us as a collective group to seek change. This will take an united effort; we can't afford to be divided by race, political views, social or economic standing. We must do what's right for the future generations of this nation. I feel this is an initiative that has in recent weeks been forced into the spotlight with the extensive coverage by media outlets of the injustice being committed against Philadelphia native and Hip Hop star Robert Williams aka Meek Mills. I welcome the conversation his case has generated, but unfortunately, the majority of us in prison do not have Meek's resources or connections. Therefore, the merits of my case may get swept under the rug and easily overlooked. Which will leave me with very few options. In light of this fact I call upon you to aid me in giving a voice to the voiceless. I know many of my alumni over the years have silently wondered what ever happened to me. Now you know. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and welcome any ideas or support.

Respectfully Submitted, Isaiah Coleman

Attorney info: Dale R. Jensen, Dale Jensen P.C 606 Bull Run, Stauton, Virginia 24401 (434) 249-3874

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