Do Not Cut Jobs in Ontario

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I am writing to you about the issue of job cuts which you are planning to undertake if you're elected as premier of Ontario. I've done research about the program of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives regarding jobs in Ontario. I have learned that along with the creation of 1 million jobs, 100,000 civil servants will lose their jobs.

In my opinion, this isn't a good idea and should be excluded from your program. I'm aware that the level of unemployment of Ontario is 7.4%, and the cut of 100,000 jobs will significantly increase that percentage. I recognize that the creation of 1 million jobs in Ontario will be a breakthrough in economic development of the province; although it will take a rather long time, meanwhile destroying jobs is much easier. Due to these job cuts, the numbers of teachers at schools will be reduced and class sizes will be increased. This will negatively affect the quality of education of Ontario schools, and this will affect me as well. According to the Ministry of Education of Ontario, "Students in smaller classes get more attention, do better and are more likely to succeed in high school and beyond". It is acknowledged that the level of education in Ontario is high, and teachers' job cuts will worsen the education standards.

My suggestion is that you shouldn't cut jobs in Ontario if you become a premier, and to not reduce the number of teachers in Ontario schools. A standard regarding a maximum class size in secondary schools should be introduced. I recommend that the maximum number of students in class should be 23.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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