Time for Tim Hortons to Switch to Recyclable Cup Lids

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Join the petition to make Tim Hortons switch to recyclable cup lids: to help prevent millions of non-recyclable plastic lids from ending up as waste in Canadian landfills, ditches, waterways and natural areas. At this time in 2019 when many restaurants and businesses are making the change to eliminate single-use plastics, and governments and municipalities worldwide are initiating bans on plastic bags, Tim Hortons continues to operate in the same way with its single-use consumer plastics. 

#5 plastics are recyclable, but #6 are not. Starbucks and other competitor coffee shops use #5 plastics for their lids, but Tim Hortons continues to use waste-only #6 plastics for their standard hot beverage lids. Tim Hortons cold drink cups and lids (for Iced Cappuccino, etc) are #5 plastic - and so why can’t the switch be initiated by the company to make their most commonly-used plastic be one that is recyclable?

Compostable cups and to-go utensils would certainly be a higher-up the-ladder environmental standard for this Canadian restaurant chain to aim for, but a recyclable cup lid is at least the very base rung on the green initiative ladder.

I’m not a plastics or recycling expert, I’m just a normal Canadian citizen who does frequent Tim Hortons on a regular basis. I personally bring my own reusable mug - but it seems that the vast majority of customers don’t do this regularly, and I’m sick of seeing this amount of unnecessary waste being generated. It’s particularly hard at this time of year (spring) when discarded Tim Hortons trash can be seen along Canadian roadways after the snow melts. I would like to continue to support Tim Hortons, but I will probably stop going there if the company doesn’t improve its environmental standards.

If Tim Hortons is as proud to be Canadian as they say they are, then they will stop allowing our country to be polluted with their single-use plastic, and will stop using non-recyclable cup lids for their hot beverages.