Make Tim Hortons More Eco Friendly!

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As many of you know, our earth is littered with single use products. As a Canadian and avid coffee drinker, I've realized that a big amount of the products being thrown out and landing in our waters, is coffee cups. 

Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. So things we throw out now...will influence many generations to come. 

Not only that, but because of the amount of waste we produce as a human race...there's islands of garbage floating in our waters, ruining the water quality as well as the natural environment which affects not only us, but the animals that inhabit the areas as well.

Tim Hortons offers the reusable hot drink cups, but they don't advertise anywhere about a discount if you use the cup. If we did this, there would be more initiative to bring in and use these reusable cups.

I've also heard that due to the speed expected from the drive thru, even if you bring a reusable cup and ask them to use that one, the employees will often use a single use cup and pour it into the reusable one after to 'ensure quality faster', but this takes from the point of using the reusable cup in the first place as the single use cup will be thrown out right after. 

Tim Hortons cups are paper, so we assume they can be recycled... but the interior is lined with a plastic material so the cups often end in a landfill anyway instead of being recycled.

Another initiative is to have the option of bringing in, or buying, a reusable cup for cold drinks. The cold drink cups take years longer to break down because they are completely made of plastic which harms our earth. We need to have an option for reusable cold drink cups alongside the hot drinks. 

Lastly, the straw situation. Everyone has seen the video of the turtle with a straw stuck up it's nose... it's gruesome and horrifying. Even something as simple as bringing your own reusable straw helps the initiative but the Tim Hortons chain could also consider having paper straws, or, a straw that's sold with the reusable cold drink cup.

These options will help immensely. If one were to drink a coffee a day, that's 365 cups a year being sent to one person. Multiply that by the number of people that actively buy from Tim Hortons, and you'll see the difference these changes could make.