London, the dog from the Littlest Hobo NEEDS to be featured on a Tim Hortons cup!

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Tim Hortons recently launched a campaign with Shawn Mendes, featuring him on their cups. Shawn is a great Canadian artist and I have no problem with that partnership. But, this NEEDS to open the door for one of Canada's greatest figures to be featured....

London, the dog from the Littlest Hobo!

That (those) amazing German Shepard had us glued to our TVs, while filling our hearts with hope and wonder. He would save the day and ask for nothing in return. Isn't that the true measure of a Canadian? You bet your sweet sour cream glazed behind it is!

Sign this petition, and let's get this great Canadian pooch on the side of our double double's!

Maybe Tomorrow I’ll want to settle down, but today I’m alive with excitement!


Photo Credit to the Ottawa Citizen