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As a proud Canadian, I have not been proud of the ways we treat our environment. We’ve become so used to convenience and comfort that we forget the cost of that. Tim Hortons is forever a staple of Canadian culture with low cost items with high environmental costs. In the 2018 Greenpeace branded plastic audit, they concluded that Tim Hortons and Nestle were the top Canadian polluters. See article here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/greenpeace-plastic-brand-audits-1.4855450

The Tim Horton's website writes this " At Tim Hortons, we are aware of the environmental impacts of our packaging and waste materials. We are attempting to deal with the litter issue in a variety of ways:

We have anti-litter messages on all of our packaging items, including a 'Do Not Litter' message on all of our take-out cups. Sadly, many people do not pay attention to these messages but we continue to work with other members of our industry to tackle the litter problem in a meaningful and effective way.

To ensure a clean community many Tim Hortons restaurants sponsor local clean up events and activities in their communities...." 

The strategies that the Tim Hortons corporation adopts is a band-aid to a bigger issue. The company understands that they are contributing to a large waste issue and they need to change the way they approach pollution by changing their own habits. I believe that more needs to be done. In a time where we need to transform the way we produce items and treat our ecology, Tim Horton's needs to make big adjustments and show that they actually care for the environment. They are a huge multi million company with a huge influence on consumers and our environment. Hopefully though this petition, the company can open their eyes to this issue and make much needed adjustments. It's time for change Tim Hortons and I believe it can be done with a wake up call. 

The amount of Tim Hortons cups I see laying around on floors, landscapes and overflowing from trash bins is atrocious. While you can bring your own cup for coffee at Tim Hortons, there is no big incentive to do so. You also can’t bring your own reusable cup for any of the frozen drinks available at the restaurant chains.

The snow has just melted, and I can see the cups and the red straws on the grass just waiting and longing to be picked up. I think it’s fair to say that everyone consumes Tim Hortons and many do on a daily or regular basis. It’s time for Tim’s to take some responsibility for the amount of waste they normalize and do something to encourage greener actions within their company and for their consumers.   

Here are some of the strategies I propose to the restaurant chain:

1. Creating and promoting compost bins inside the Tim Horton's restaurant by removing waste bins. Since many items can be composted and diverted away from landfills.  

2. Replacing plastic cups, straws, and other takeaways with biodegradable options. Such as the ones seen here: Green Munch

3. Allow reusable cups to be brought in by customers for cold drinks. This can be achieved by reusing a metal cup to make Iced Capps and smoothies then transferring the drink inside of the customer's cup. 

4. Place a 5 cent pricing on drinks using disposable cups to encourage people to bring their own reusables from home and to deter the excessive use of single-use items. This is a strategy similar to that of paying 10 cents for a plastic bag at the grocery store, which is highly effective and responsive. 

5. Creating awareness campaigns and advertisement on how to properly dispose and compost biodegradable items. Not simply writing "Do not litter" in fine print at the bottom of a cup.

If you agree with this message make sure to support this petition and share it on a bunch of different social media outlets. Make sure to tag Tim Hortons and let them know how we feel. 

Make sure to Tweet and message @TimHortons to let them hear our voice. 

Make sure to share any pictures of Tim Hortons waste you see on all social media platforms with #TimHortonsWakeUpCall and share this information with your peers so that we can make change and let our message spread. 

If Tim Hortons corporation is proud to be a part of our lives, please listen to our concerns and show you care through action.