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Show MAWA they made a very unpopular decision for Meadville. Why do you get to choose?

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MAWA voted, not even unanimously, to have fluoride added to Meadville city water.  The vote was 3-2 with Mark Gildea making the vote a tie and Tim Groves being the single person who decided for an entire community something as serious as adding a chemical to our water supply.  The controversy surrounding this chemical makes for great confusion so that a pro-fluoride agenda can get passed.  

The greatest complaint that any Meadville citizen has beside the fact of not wanting to drink fluoride lies in the fact that every single person's choice has been stripped cleanly away.  

According to the Meadville Tribune, MAWA has to move forward with the permit process so there is time to at least voice our discontent.  Like I have already said, the controversy over whether fluoride is safe or not has made it possible for the authority to dismiss the fluoride nay-sayers as superstitious and ill-informed.  

Even though this sounds like a very good snow job to subjugate the rights, desires and economy of the average citizen, it is possibly most important to note again that no one has been given an option.  It's either a 'yes' to fluoride or a 'no' to little kiddos healthy teeth.  

So, here's how I see it:

My name is Alan Soltys.  I don't want to drink fluoride, and I don't want my family to drink fluoride.  But I have not been obliged to have an opportunity for an opinion.  Only three people's opinions mattered in this situation, the three people on MAWA board who said yes.  

Not only have I not been given the chance to say no or to have my voice count, when they do this to us, my financial situation will be impacted for sure.  

I live paycheck to paycheck like most people, and I don't have the discretionary funds to afford having water shipped to my house plus the $160 water dispenser from Walmart.  

If I lived back in my hometown of Osceola Mills, I would know where to go in the mountains to get some spring water, but I don't.  And I shouldn't have to either.  

Since I am dead set against me or my family drinking fluoride, I am going to have to find a way to make it work financially.  I can't expect my son to be as dedicated to not poisoning himself and my grandsons, so I probably will feel it my responsibility to provide them a water source as well.  

Where will this extra money come from?  I could use to eat less, I guess.

Maybe I don't need to keep belaboring the point.  

This is more than just the "We lost the vote" crying game.  This is the "You are going to ruin my finances and the safety of those who can't afford clean water or who don't know any better" crying game.  

And let's not forget, it's the "Who are you to decide for us?" crying game as well.

Now, what about harm being allowed by the government?

Even perceived harm from a government organization may be actionable according to the law if you take into consideration the fact that the local governmental authorities have taken away our right of choice and have crafted a very fearful imposition on us.  I'm not a lawyer though, so maybe someone can set me straight.   

And, in conclusion, Meadville City Council, your days are numbered.  That can be the next petition and the next community rallying point.  If Meadville City Council doesn't stand up against this, your jobs may be forfeit.  





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