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MPs acknowledge your debt to tactical voters and bring about electoral reform

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Many non-Tory voters are considering taking the tough decision to vote against their preferred candidate. In particular many Labour and Green voters in marginals may vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate in order to remove an unpopular local Tory MP and try to diminish any Tory majority from the national picture. I have come to understand what a painful decision this is for Labour and Green voters who do not support the Lib dems but fear that in the first past the post system a vote for their preferred candidate is at best a pointless, if principled stance and at worst a vote for the Tories. 

If this support is given it should come with assurances. Therefore, the aim of this petition is to demand that Lib Dems who become MPs should acknowledge their debt to tactical voters, and to support a labour government or any resulting coalition.

I believe this is essential in the short term for this unique election where The tories have effectively become UKIP but longer term I believe that tactical voting should not end at the ballot box. It's the beginning of a relationship and if the Progressive Alliance is ever going to come about (and with it a fair voting system of proportional representation), it has to be on the basis of trust that tactical votes will count for genuine representation and as a mandate for electoral reform.


*[Of course, there are also Lib Dem voters who will vote tactically for labour in other constituencies and they have their own concerns but as I am a Liberal Democrat supporter in Bath I am focussing on Labour to Libdem votes, very happy to extend the parameters of the petition if it gains traction]

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