Let Businesses Choose Their Own Name And Themes Free Of Online Morality Police

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So there are some people who don't care for the name of "Hotel Longtime", a new establishment in Adelaide which references a famous movie in its name. They believe the name and some decor choices within can and do perpetuate derogatory and damaging stereotypes Asian women, and they are perfectly within their rights to hold and express those opinions. But suddenly, those of us who think otherwise are being cast as racist, ageing, ideologically unsound bigots. It’s weird finding yourself on the “reactionary” side of an argument when your position is for freedom expression, permissiveness and not feeling compelled to make demands on a business to rename itself because it does not suit your own particular brand of identity politics.

An online petition demanding that Hotel Longtime change its name has been doing the rounds, and two online newspapers have recirculated it - see link: https://www.change.org/p/get-hotel-longtime-to-change-its-derogatory-name-remove-prostitution-references The author seeks 500 signatures with the explicit purpose being to "ask the owners to change the name immediately, remove any references to prostitution, and remove any association of a "gentleman's lodge" to the ping pong element of the concept."

This is overreach. The purpose of THIS petition is to get 501 signatures from people who think the proprietors should be free to name their business whatever they choose (within reason of course - this is not an anti-PC petition for people who are out there to intentionally offend). It would be sad to see a new business suffer because of 500 e-signatures collected over a slow news day. If you have the time and are of the opinion that such an action should be counterbalanced, please go ahead and sign.

To paraphrase the French enlightenment writer Voltaire - “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”

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