We call for Apple to pass Valve’s ‘steamlink’ app

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We STEAM game players has desired for a streaming app on our phones for a long time, so that we can enjoy our games more comfortable. Valve, the runner of STEAM, has launched an app on the Google Play which can make this happen. It's called ‘steamlik’, which make it happen that you play your PC games on your phone. Apple had approved the app at first, but after steamlink’s Android launch, Apple rechecked the app and change their mind. So steamlink is rejected days before its launch on App Store.

This isn’t right. Steamlink is definitely a helpful tool. Plus, No one knows what Apple’s rules are and how they can reject an app just because it ‘violate Apple rules’. So Apple should  publish their rules and all developers and adjust their unfair items. Otherwise I see it as an violation of the Internet neutrality.

If you are a steam fan, or enjoys Android’s steamlink so much.

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